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Opening Times, Term Dates and Fees:



Our playgroup is for children up to the age of 5 with special needs. We are registered to take up to 24 children per session, although we limit sessions to a maximum of 20 to maintain high standards of provision. By its very nature, a playgroup is usually the first educational setting attended by children. At MOP, our highly-staffed and caring setting encourages an environment where children are able to experience a wide range of activities aimed at encouraging basic life skills and independence; thus building confidence and self-esteem. It is acknowledged that pre-school education is vital in playing the part of preparation into school life, and we play a vital role in this all-important start to their education despite their additional needs.


Our children progress to their next educational setting, in either a special or mainstream school, having had the benefit of a pre-school education which incorporates the necessary additional support in order for them to learn successfully.




Opening Times and Term Dates:


The Opening Times may be different to these during the current public health situation. Marlow Opportunity Playgroup re-opened on a much reduced basis on 10th June. Initially for 3 mornings per week for 4 children and then building up from there.

Autumn Term 2020 starts Tuesday 8th September.


Monday to Friday: 9.30am to 12.30pm term time only


Term Times: 2019-20


from   Thursday 5 September 2019

to   Friday 25 October 2019

from   Monday 4 November 2019

to   Wednesday 18 December 2019


from   Tuesday 7 January 2020

to   Friday 14 February 2020

from   Monday 24 February 2020

to   Friday 3 April 2020


from   Monday 20 April 2020

to   Friday 22 May 2020

from   Monday 1 June 2020

to   Friday 17 July 2020

Bank Holiday (VE day): Friday 8 May 2020

Term Times: 2020-21


from   Tuesday 8 September 2020

to   Friday 23 October 2020

from   Monday 2 November 2020

to   Thursday 17 December 2020


from   Wednesday 6 January 2021

to   Friday 12 February 2021

from   Monday 1 March 2021

to   Wednesday 31 March 2021


from   Monday 19 April 2021

to   Friday 28 May 2021

from   Monday 7 June 2021

to   Tuesday 20 July 2021

Bank Holiday: Monday 3 May 2021






Under 3: £15 per session.


Some 2 year old children may be eligible for funding. This Bucks CC Poster (link) gives a summary and there is more information at


Over 3 years old: children are eligible for funding from Bucks County Council with effect from the term after their third birthday.



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